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Welcome to the Property & Construction Mastermind Group

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 This virtual event is Free so spaces are limited! First come, first served basis.


What is a Business Mastermind Group?

Business mastermind groups are a group of business owners and entrepreneurs who are working towards similar goals. The core belief of this mastermind is the philosophy that we all benefit from the collective wisdom, experience, skills, intelligence, and network of everybody in the group.

By bringing this all into one forum, we collectively give advice and solutions for better business and bigger profits through our regular virtual meetings.

How it works?

Each participant spends time in the spotlight, so you can share your ideas, any challenges you are facing in your business and the progress that you’ve made since the last meeting. At this point, everybody else is then invited to share their ideas with you and offer any advice or question you further in order to find new answers and more solutions.

When to join a Mastermind?

The best time to join is right now!

But keep this in mind – it will only be truly worthwhile if you are fully committed to making it an investment from the start:

Parm Bhangal | Construction Business Coaching

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I look forward to you being a part of this and to collectively taking all of our businesses to a higher level.

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