How It All Started

From founding my first business from my bedroom to becoming a founder of several successful companies, you can learn more about how I use my own experiences to mentor others in similar positions.

The Early Days

I started my career at 17 with a summer placement at a groundworks and construction firm, who then offered me an apprenticeship four days a week. From here, I began my degree, visiting university one day a week for four years. I graduated 2% off a 1st class honours; this was devastating as I had always aspired to get a 1st class honours, and I worked extremely hard!

Once I had finished my degree, I moved to a consultancy firm in London. I worked there doing very, very long days, some days 14/15 hours for what could only be classed as a not very nice boss (my language could be significantly more unflattering than this). Unhappy in this role, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business.

My First Business

My business was started from the comfort of my own bedroom. I quickly won my first contract in the midlands project managing a catering facility. During that time, I reinvested my entire income into marketing the company and went on to win further contracts, which helped the business to grow. As a result, I decided to convert my garage into an office which then enabled me to take on my first member of staff. Since those very humble days since starting the business, it has gone from 1 person to over 25 staff in a 4000sqt office, founding and running several successful businesses in property and construction.

I bought my first property when I was 18, and in the last decade, we have worked incredibly hard and built a multi-million-pound property portfolio.

The Growth So Far

Over the years, we have produced a significant number of systems and processes within our businesses to enable us to grow. We work closely with thousands of other property and construction business owners who we felt had the potential to grow their businesses significantly but didn’t have the answers on how to do this and on how to grow.

From my last decade and years of experience in several sectors, I felt it was the right time to equip people with the knowledge to help them drive their businesses to the next level.