Encourage Growth Within Your Team

The goal of my coaching is always to support construction professionals in implementing refined systems and streamlined processes, and the topics covered during my sessions significantly contribute towards this. My corporate sessions have been designed for employers or management teams who wish to send their staff for additional training. They are ideal for those across the construction field who want to focus on ensuring a smooth, structured project with little room for unexpected hurdles.

What Topics Do The Sessions Cover?

I personally have over ten years of experience in construction and have founded several businesses in different sectors of the industry. One particular field that I feel significantly contributes towards the success of a project, and therefore a business, is the initial taking off and estimating, which work hand-in-hand.

Taking Off

A construction takeoff ensures project profitability by carefully measuring the quantities of materials and other necessary elements before moving onto assigning costs. During my sessions, your teams will gain an understanding of how to prepare detailed, accurate specifications, ensuring that projects can commence without any delay.


It is thought that estimating can be one of the trickiest jobs in construction; however, this needn’t be the case. My sessions cover everything you need to know to devise accurate estimations, including the key components and estimating process. Your teams will also be given helpful resources to implement once they are back on the job.

Who Are These Sessions Suited To?

Although my corporate sessions are aimed at all professionals in the construction field, they remain most beneficial to those who play an active role in the initial stages of a project, such as:

  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Builder’s Merchant
  • Contractors

Upcoming Session Dates

Session Dates Coming in 2022

How Can These Sessions Benefit Your Business?

  • Increase your chances of winning over clients through meticulously planned yet straightforward to understand bids
  • Improve your collaboration with other construction professionals on the project
  • Determine realistic costs to prevent unexpected expenses, helping to keep your client happy throughout
  • Keep more stages of the project in-house, allowing all work to be completed with your business under one contract
  • Potentially improve your staff retention by providing additional training opportunities and room for career growth